Terms and Conditions

All wholesale orders are subject to acceptance by Indrawear and are also subject to the availability of the requested products.

The minimum wholesale order is 12 Units per order.

For wholesale orders, payment is due at the time of checkout unless your account is approved to be on net 30 terms.In order for your account to be placed on net 30 terms, you must be pre-approved by Indrawear. The term net 30 means payment will be due via credit credit or check at net 30 days from the date the order is shipped. All checks should be made payable to "Indrawear." In the event that payment is late, all future orders must be purchased in advance via credit card. Indrawear also charges a $50.00 return check fee.

The purchaser will be responsible for all shipping charging, which will be added to the final invoice. Free on board shipping terms apply, wherein the Seller is responsible for the products until they ship, and title passes to the Purchaser once the products are delivered to the Purchaser or Carrier.

The Applicable Prices for wholesale orders are based on current contracts that Indrawear has in place for finished products. Should the terms of these contracts change, the prices for the finished products will be subject to change as well.